Adding a shared DAS/SAN as storage (SR-IOV Storage)

I recently ordered a Dell VRTX for my homelab. I was going to put Proxmox on it but after finding out about Harvester I want to give it a try instead. For those that don’t know the VRTX has four blades and a shared DAS(basically a SAN). I plan on setting up longhorn across the blade’s storage but is there a way to set up persistent storage across the shared DAS (communicates to the blades via SR-IOV)? I have little experience with Kub or Rancher so forgive me if the solution is obvious. Setting up shared storage should be possible because k8s has support for Ceph/GlusterFS and longhorn is also shared storage but I’m not sure how to map things.

Worse case I can partition the DAS and present each node with separate storage, then give them to longhorn but the overhead would be far greater than just using the RAID controller. Any advice on how to approach this problem?