Any body use SLES in the Azhure ?

Any body use SLES in the Azhure ?

  1. What about subscription for updates SLES if use SLES from the Azhure ?
  2. How add/del packages to the SLES in the Azhure ?

SLES in the Azhure - Bad or Good Way ??


You can create an Azhure image in SUSE Studio,
(your Novell login will work…).

Should work the same for any updates etc as long as the subscription is
valid and there is a network connection.

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Just to echo what Malcom said, you can publish SuSE Studio projects to Azure ( as well as EC2 ) and it works great. I’ve done both of these, they both work. Amazon is certainly more “complex” on the back end, IMO. Azure is simpler. But both are pretty darn easy. considering that you can create a Studio project and have an instance up an running in ~10 minutes from beginning to end.

I have not used pre-made instances on either service. IIRC for both, you will need to register the instances with Customer Center and then you have the usual update experience. But I’ve not actually done that, so I might be wrong.

– Bob