Best Operation System - Supporting Matrix

Hello Guys,

I am a little bit newbie at Docker, infrastructure management and container orchestration but after reading a bunch of articles, I am feeling comfortable to move into Rancher Server direction as a POC and after that as a pilot project.

My concern is related to which OS to use as a layer for our Rancher Server. I want to be in compliance with supported operation systems since we would be moving into supporting plans later in Production.

I have seen some people saying that Debian 8 was a good choice but as I read it is not on supported matrix:

Am I correct on that?

Maybe the Rancher OS is the best choice I know but I would like to avoid that right now because our infrastructure has no experience on containers so putting a OS that is container based might bring some problems and put all stuff on my back.

I would like to read some options from you guys.

Thanks a ton for your time!