Best practice running Windows 10 on XEN ?

Is there a best practice for running a Windows 10 VM ?
Have made a Windows 10 guest, but is extremly slow.
Have downloaded VMDP 2.5, but after installing this, the machine will hang on rebooting from inside the vm.

The RAM management of the operating system can be all over the place at times, leading to the virtual systems not performing well. Perhaps you can try to 1)allocate More Memory, CPU and Video Memory. 2)install guest additions. 3)switch Power Profile. 4)allow Hardware Acceleration. 5)allow VirtualBox Through Firewall

Xenserver Backup
VMware Backup

Another one that can bite people if the hypervisor’s being used for other things is doing thin disk provisioning with spinning disks. That especially but realistically anything that’s killing I/O on the hypervisor will strongly impact your VMs and you may notice it more on some than others.


  1. Memory and CPU, check
  2. Power Profile, check
  3. Uninstalled VMDP and reinstalled. That did the trick.

Running on Xen, so do not know howto enable Hardware accelaration ?