Blank pages in rancher UI after upgrade to 2.6.3

I have an issue whereby certain pages in the Rancher UI are blank after upgrading to 2.6.3.
I cannot find anything similar in the known issues.

Setup for the rancher cluster is three ubuntu 20.04.4 VMs with kubernetes 1.20.15, docker 20.10.

When navigating to the following pages, the UI is blank and no errors are visible:

Cluster Management → Create Cluster → Custom

However I was able to import an RKE created cluster using ‘Import Existing’.

Additionally, inside this newly imported RKE cluster I am attempting to create secrets for project by going Cluster Explorer → lab-cluster (the imported RKE cluster) → Legacy → Project → Select Project/Namespace at the top → Secrets.

The secrets page is also blank, with no “Add Secrets” button as described here: Rancher Docs: Secrets

All logs indicate the cluster is healthy so I’m a little stuck as to what the issue might be (or if this is a limitation with RKE created clusters?).

Not sure what other information to provide, happy to update with any required.

Thanks for looking.

Hey @wobbles, it sounds like there’s an issue loading the ‘Legacy’ UI. Currently any screen that was written for the old UI is being embedded into the new UI as an iframe (e.g. Create a custom rke1 cluster, Legacy Projects).
Could you provide any errors that may be appearing in the browser console when you navigate to these pages?


Thanks for the hint - that pointed us in the right direction, our load balancer was adding DENY to X-Frame-Options header.
No more issues with blank pages originating from the use of iframes.

I’m glad you figured out the problem! I’ve created an issue in the Rancher Docs repo to add a note for anyone else who encounters this.