Build RancherOS for ARM

Can anyone give me suggestions on how to achieve this? I’m hoping to run it on BPI or T-Firefly…


I’ve just updated the docs on how to run RancherOS on ARM using the Azure portal. We’re still testing out how to get it to run through the Azure CLI.

As of this time, we only have v0.3.1 as an image in ARM and it doesn’t support a cloud config file. We are looking to release a v0.3.4 in the next week that would allow cloud config files to be passed to the image using the --custom-data flag.


How did you build it? Any instructions would be amazing.

is really excited



Also I should mention: I’ll not be using someone else’s cloud (azure lets you use ARM?!) but instead I’ll be building my own, super-cheap cloud and then scaling the thing globally.

(Not Azure Resource Management) instead, ARM as in Acorn Risc Machine


Azure doesn’t employ servers with ARM processors (as far as I know). They do have their own terminology: ASM (Azure Service Management, the older API and the default in Azure CLI) vs ARM (Azure Resource Management, the newer API that looks to become their primary API in a while).

I’m building RancherOS VM images for Azure. My (somewhat messy) scripts are here:

; Ivan

Yes there was clearly an acronym misunderstanding here… We have a stack of Raspberry Pi 2Bs, a MinnowBoard Max, and some other toys lying around but haven’t had time to play with them yet. Maybe we should just mail them to you @imikushin :slight_smile:

@Jacob_Gadikian Sorry about that. I was writing up about Azure Resource Management (ARM), which is why the acronym was in my head. :slight_smile:

@vincent I wouldn’t mind traveling over to you guys myself :wink:

MetaDev/Klouds would be happy to host any Rancher team member, community member, or user for any period of time – boards or no boards :).

I’d like to do the same thing too. Any update to your progress? Would you mind to share your workout?

It didn’t end up being my solution, but…

It seems to me like the team is very close.