Cant find Schema with terraform provider

Hi guys, im doing a terraform deploy of rke2, want to add the monitoring stack to it. But when i add a rancher2_app_v2 resource and run the script i receive the following “Bad response statusCode [404]. Status [404 Not Found]. Body: [code=NotFound, message=failed to find schema “my-cluster”, baseType=error]” Anyone seen this before?
My terraform resource looks the following:
resource “rancher2_app_v2” “monitoring” {
name = “rancher-monitoring”
namespace = “cattle-monitoring-system”
repo_name = “rancher-charts”
chart_name = “rancher-monitoring”
chart_version = var.monchart
cluster_id =
values = file(“values.yaml”)

depends_on = [rancher2_cluster_v2.test-cluster]