Catalog Helm App Issue


i am trying to deploy the gitlab-ee helm chart. My problem is that i cant get any log output anywhere because it is not listed in teh kubectl or anywhere else. The app state from the UI is:
Workload gitlab-ee-postgresql: ReplicaSet “gitlab-ee-postgresql-65fc9c78b5” has timed out progressing.; Workload gitlab-ee-redis: ReplicaSet “gitlab-ee-redis-57d8cb4f8b” has timed out progressing.

Can someone help me to troubleshoot this? I have no clue where i should start.

Thanks alot

Looks like i found the issue.

Under Workloads > Volumes the app volumes are still pending wiht last event:
“ProvisioningFailed no volume plugin matched”

So in my opinion a monitor tool should check linked volumes and throw a error in the UI. Do u guys feel the same way?