ChartMuseum deployed (from Library) - spinning wheel and no version


Hi All,

I have couple of issues with the Rancher private catalog functionality:

  1. Rancher admin can see and select all the catalog names in the catalog names combobox on the apps/catalog page. Everybody else have just ‘All Catalogs’ option. I.e. there is no option to show apps just from the private catalog for not admins

  2. I have deployed ChartMuseum from the Library (v2.1.1) and it seems to be working using curl i.e. i can upload chart and they appear in the api/charts response, but there is some problem using charts from the Rancher.

The app appears in the Catalog page that’s good. However, after i select the chart (click on the ‘View Details’) the spinning wheel on the next page is spinning forever and there is no template version available in the Choose version… combo-box.

Is ChartMuseum supposed to work as a Chart catalog with Rancher? If not, what is the recommended way to use private catalog?


Hi all,

I am facing a similar problem. I found out that my versionLinks object from the server call when I clicked refresh is empty, however I am able to access the index.yaml file as well as the tar file that is linked.