Compiling a Varnish-Cache vmod - missing rst2man

I’m running varnish-cache 3.0.5 (compiled from source) and I’m trying to install/compile a vmod for it but I keeps giving me an error on the make.=> “You need rst2man installed to make dist”

From other posts I’ve read, I believe it is part of a package from python, python-docutil or something like this. Does anyone know if SUSE has a similar package ? I can’t seem to find one or better yet can someone point me in the direction of where I can find ?


You need python-docutils, grab the version from the devel:lanuages:python repository;
You need to expand the ‘show unstable pakages’ link to see what it’s built for.

Else you should be able to add a configure option not to create the man pages if they are not needed (./configure --help)?

Thanks - I was able to compile it with this package.