Configuring nginx controller with the load balancer

Dear Sir,

we used rancher web ui to provision a cluster on linode cloud provider, the process is simple and finished smoothly, thanks for the wonderful work.

we need assistant to configure the load balancer with the ingress controller. att

the load balancer show pending ,

any help its urgent as our website is down.

Thanks in advanced.

we used the built in nginx ingress , nginx backend from the advanced menu in the create cluster .

we have a load balancer on linode , and to connect it with the load balancer service

Mmm, been there…

The Rancher provided NGinx Ingress Controller works as a DaemonSet only, not as a Service, type LoadBalancer.
You need to use a load balancer in front of the nodes, configured independently.

Or, like I do :

  • You use the official NGinx Ingress Controller
  • AND, you use a Cloud Control Manager for your IaaS or Cloud provider (you didn’t tell us what you are using). I use OpenStack CCM to create an Octavia LB on demand

Thanks very much for your reply and feedback.
its an eye opening to use Openstack, I’m researching this option and would appreciate your feedback if you could drop a guide link as their is many way to use Openstack.

as a startup we don’t have servers on-premise, but we look to use cloud providers services.
does your way compatible with the cloud providers.
does it work with rancher or we need a separate node to set it up.

it would be a mind blowing feature to include such a module with rancher to serve the cluster network needs.
Thanks again for your reply and your time.