Container performance metrics not loading, host metrics do

docker version: 1.11.1
docker api: 1.23
rancher agent: v1.0.1
Ubuntu 16:04 amd64

I followed the “getting started” tutorial ( and everything works fine except that the performance metrics for containers keeps trying to load but never does. However, the performance metrics for the host work fine.
Did i forget to tick a checkbox? Is there a bug? …

During setup i choose to let everything listen on private ip (192.168.0.x).
For security reasons i choose to keep Docker irunning as root so i did not add my user to the docker group so i have to sudo for docker commands.

Maybe this is something, not sure why it is using local ip:

time=“2016-04-27T12:14:22Z” level=“error” msg=“Error getting container info.” error=“request “” failed with error: “failed to get container \”/system.slice/docker-043b3312111f2852e880f4070322c02ccf44d9418e619759a87f2bed8b79f479.scope\” with error: unknown container \"/system.slice/docker-043b3312111f2852e880f4070322c02ccf44d9418e619759a87f2bed8b79f479.scope\""" id=“043b3312111f2852e880f4070322c02ccf44d9418e619759a87f2bed8b79f479”

Currently, we support Docker 1.10.3 with Rancher.

This is a known issue with Docker 1.11.

Thank you, Denise.
In that case I’ll downgrade docker to the supported version.


We currently have this issue with docker 1.10.3
Only hosts stats works