Create new host on Scaleway

I am trying to use the scaleway docker-machine (v1.2.1) driver to create a new host from Rancher (1.1.3).

Using the same settings as I have successfully used from my linux workstation command line and docker-machine - I immediately get an error in Rancher: “exit status 1”.

I get the error so quickly that I doubt rancher has even tried to do anything on the rancher side.

Using View in API, I am not seeing any additional details that are of any use.

Has anyone else had this problem and managed to resolve it?

Is there somewhere I can find a more detailed log with the error?

I may have found it by running docker logson the rancher server…

Looks like the command being created from rancher is the full name of the driver executable - “scaleway-linux-amd64” instead of “scaleway”.

This is also the name of the driver on the rancher machine driver overview.

Any know how I can change the name so that the command is created correctly? Do I need to tweak this on the host?

Funny how asking a question leads you to find the answers yourself :wink:

Turns out I had installed the driver with a link to the uncompressed driver

instead of

Changing this to use the compressed driver seems to created a new driver on the rancher server with the correct name.