Customizing Rancher

Hello! I need to customize rancher, adding some extra functionalities and modifiying the user interface (the whole gui). I need help with that, I don’t know how is the best way to achieve that.

Thanks in advance!

See How can I customize UI?

Thanks for your response! I read that post, but I’m wondering if you have a more detailed tutorial about the inclusion of ember-cli addon and about how to run the ranger server in development mode, in order to make the enhacements that I need to do. Thanks again!

For development you want to run the UI locally on your laptop and point it at an existing running rancher/server (API). You don’t need to change anything on the server itself. Setting that up is in the readme for the UI.

Developing add-ons in general is in the ember-cli docs, I don’t know what you/anybody wants to do with Rancher specifically but most interesting things you’ll want to customize will likely require small changes to the base rancher/ui to add hooks so you can, say, inject additional links into the page-header navigation.

Someone else asked about adding UI for another machine provider, so I’ll try to make an example of that this week.

On related notes, our designer is working on reorganizing the CSS into a theme file so customizing colors will be easier in a week or two. And I think we have i18n coming up which would do similar for all the text.

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Thanks Vincent! I’ll be waiting for your example and for the theme enhacements. I’ll try to follow the readme file

Have a nice day!

Hello Vincent. Do you know if is there a way to run the ui locally in a windows machine using IntelliJ? Do you have any instructions about that? Thanks!

Hello Vincent! finally I could run the ui using intelliJ, so thanks anyway! I’m going to review what you told me about ember, in order to make the changes I need to implement. See you!