Debian 11 Rancher on Single Node failed

This is failed on Debian 11 only. The step taken is installing docker and modified to install the correct source.list for bullseye and the run the docker install from the documentations. rancher/rancher:latest install successfully, however it fail to run. All nodes services seems to be block or unauthorized. Anyone know how to solve the problem?

The step working fine on Debian 10 (Buster)

Welcome KingRichard. Have any more detail on this? Assuming you are using a simple docker run…? If you can dig up some logs that’ll help troubleshoot, but I’m afraid with the info provided it’ll be rather difficult.

I’m just running the information base on rancher website.

Started by running this script, in which I need to add bullseye into the list since its not there.
Rancher Docs: Installing Docker

Then run Option A
Rancher Docs: Installing Rancher on a Single Node Using Docker

However rancher never really up and running with unable to get access.

So, tested again and working on Debian 10, but I want it to work on Debian 11.

Hi. This is a bug in Debian 11
Details - Ubuntu 21.04 - vxlan failing to route · Issue #4188 · k3s-io/k3s · GitHub