Deploy longhorn-driver-deployer stuck with PodInitializing

Dear friends.

I’m using Centos 7 for deploying Longhorn follow:

I encountered with error after run command:

ubectl apply -f
longhorn-system   longhorn-driver-deployer-5558df9859-r9rmf   0/1     Init:0/1           0          19m      k3     <none>           <none>
longhorn-system   longhorn-manager-4zkc2                      1/1     Running            1          19m      k3     <none>           <none>
longhorn-system   longhorn-manager-wqvxj                      1/1     Running            2          19m      k2     <none>           <none>
longhorn-system   longhorn-ui-b97b74b8-bsfdn                  0/1     CrashLoopBackOff   11         19m      k2     <none>           <none>

The log of longhorn-driver-deployer-5558df9859-r9rmf

Error from server (BadRequest): container "longhorn-driver-deployer" in pod "longhorn-driver-deployer-5558df9859-r9rmf" is waiting to start: PodInitializing

All of things I did just follow the instruction. Could you please help me to solve it? Thank you very much!

Anyone can follow this link: