Disabling pod stickyness in Rancher/Ingress

Hello everyone,
first of all sorry for the english, it isnt my native language.

I’m new to docker/kubernetes/rancher stuff and right now I’m trying a single node install of rancher 2.3.5.

I created some pods with ‘jmeter-server’ where I’m willing to use them as slaves to execute load test scripts using ingress to spread the requests coming from the ‘jmeter-master’ pod. I used the default ingress from rancher with config maps to tcp ports the jmeter uses.

But the requests coming from the ‘jmeter-master’ are all going to a single ‘jmeter-slave’ pod. The pod changes each time I restart the load test… sending all the requests to another node.

am I missing any configuration in rancher?

Thanks everyone.