Do I need Rio if I have Rancher?

It’s been a while that I looked at Rancher. Can I do everything Rio do with Rancher or Rio add more ?

I like the concept of git deployment, is it available with Rancher without Rio ? Rio doesn’t seem production ready.

Rio is an opinionated combination of and abstraction over many different things (k8s, istio/linkerd, knative, prometheus, etc). It works with any Kubernetes cluster, so that cluster could be one created by Rancher but there is no specific requirement or integration between them.

You can certainly deploy all those things yourself and cobble together your own system, and there are Rancher features or charts for some of those things individually. But you would be missing the Rio “glue” that makes them work together and present an easier to use UX.

Git deployment is part of Rio (not Rancher).

Thanks for the reply.

Is Rio production ready ?

Rio is currently in Alpha.

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