Does can Rancher local cluster can used for another deployments?

Does can Rancher ‘local’ cluster can used for another deployments?
Or, do we need to create another cluster for usage and leave ‘local’ for Rancher system?

You can, but in a production environment, it is highly suggested to have Rancher be running it it’s own cluster and your standard applications running in some other cluster(s).

So if you are asking in regards to a lab environment, do as you please. If you will be using Rancher in a production environment, again, do as you please, but Rancher is doing quite a few things behind the scenes to make sure everything is running as it should, so if your cluster build outs are small to begin with, having Rancher and your additional workloads running may cause other issues…

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So that’s why Longhorn can’t run on the local cluster?