Ec2 metadata and cloud-init

I am trying to use ec2 metadata variables in cloud-init. I need to pass local-ipv4 address as argument to consul container:

      - ec2
      image: progrium/consul
      net: host
      command: -server  -node=consul -bootstrap -bind=${local-ipv4} -client=${local-ipv4} -advertise=${local-ipv4}

after instance boot i got such messages in logs:

==> Starting Consul agent...
==> Error starting agent: Failed to parse advertise address: ${local-ipv4}

and here is a part of "docker inspect "

"Args": [

I can use /opt/rancher/bin/ script for those purposes, but is there any way to use EC2 metadata variables.

thank you

ok it was my mistake, correct syntax for metadata variables is: $private_ipv4


local-ipv4 maps to $private_ipv4? Is there a reference for this? What do the other variables map to (e.g. instance-id)?

I don’t sure about any documentation about it, I found it in:

If you will find more info about it pls. share.

Thank you.

Was looking around those. Seem to be the only available.