Is there a SLED / SLES version coming/available for “embedded” hardware platforms? E.g. Armhf equivalent?

Its been a long day but there are some SLES maintenance / ecosystem attributes that I would appreciate from a commercial product starting point versus some other distributions.

Not sure if it will come to arm…will ask my SUSE contacts.

OpenSuSE has targetted v6 and v7 ARM platforms, but the distribution seems to be somewhat inconsistent as there are some significant packages which are noted as failed builds, etc. Not to mention the “community” oriented build and support timelines for OpenSuSE which is inappropriate to a potential embedded product in the first place.

Have you had a read through here?

If want to discuss the openSUSE side, then suggest IRC (probably quicker) or the Mailing List.

Heard back from my SUSE Contacts, the only one on the horizon (next
year or two) is AArch64 (64bit-ARM) and even then it’s nothing

Did you have any joy on the openSUSE side?

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