Error patching node with cloud ip addresses

I encounter on an error patching node in cluster, i setting up three server, they are all master,worker node.
In order to let my ap pods be able to request service, i setup a virtual ip by using keepalived, all request come from this ip to my ap pods.

  • virtualip:
  • server1:
  • server2:
  • server3:

Below is the error message from the server3.

4415 node_controller.go:363] Error patching node with cloud ip addresses = [failed to patch status “{"metadata":{"$setElementOrder/finalizers":["",""]},"status":{"addresses":[{"
address":"","type":"InternalIP"},{"address":"","type":"InternalIP"},{"address":"servertry3","type":"Hostname"},{"$patch":"replace"}]}}” for node “servertry3”: Node “servertry3” is invalid: status.addresses[1]: Duplicate value: core.NodeAddress{Type:“InternalIP”, Address:“”}]