Fleet / Continuos Delivery - Git Repos / Removing Authentication

Hi There,

I am trying to link GitLab cloud repo to Rancher via Fleet/Continous Delivery however I am having issues when using HTTP Basic or SSH Keys, I have left few Authentication in the flee-default workspace, how can I remove them? Tried Google-Fu, but could not find anything related

@jmlp1 I am not sure how to do it via the WebUI, but it is possible to do via the cli.

The first think you will want to do on the cli is change your rancher kubectl context to local with the Default project. Once you rancher servers k8s context, you can run rancher kubectl get secrets -n fleet-default and you will see the list of secrets. You can then delete the ones you don’t want via:

rancher kubectl delete secrets gitlab-cloud4 -n fleet-default

Please let me know if that works for you.


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what is the purpose of prepending rancher in front of kubectl?

@Adam_S - This assumes you are using the rancher cli to access the k8s cluster. Rancher does allow you to access the clusters directly with kubectl, but I find it easier when managing multiple Rancher servers and clusters to use the rancher cli.

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