Getting all layers to correctly see and be in a state displa

1GB Physical drive (sdb)
4 partitions (sdb1-sdb4)

  • sdb4 is a 8e (LVM) managed partition.
  • sdb4 starts where sdb3 ended and extends all the way to the end of the 1GB drive

Therefore I can not create any more partition on the drive (fdisk) and there is no more free space on the drive

Now, the disk was extended from its 1GB size to the size of 2GB…
meaning at the end of sdb4 is ~1GB of unallocated space.

Challenge: Get LVM to see the additional 1GB space so filesystems may be extended.

Hi lars2923,

No challenge: “man pvresize”
Challenge: Backup all your data to be prepared. :wink:


ups, too quickly hit the “Post” button…

before running pvresize, you’ll have to move the partition’s end to the end of the disk. Not for the faint of heart, but easy: Using fdisk, delete your old (too small) partition and re-create it, letting it use all disk space. Reboot using recovery system, run pvresize, reboot.

  • fdisk will only change the partition table only - therefore the partition’s contents will remain.
  • pvresize will run on a live PV, AFAIK - but to avoid unnecessary risks, an isolated recovery system boot would be my choice.

And again: If you need that data on that machine - back it up (first). But that holds true even if you’re not running any of these changes…