Github Login failing when upgrading to v0.55.0rc3, had to rollback

Yesterday, I gave it a try in order to get some bug fixes in place, I upgraded from v0.52.0-rc4 to v0.55.0rc3 knowing that is just a rc release. What happened is that I could not login anymore (we use GitHub auth), with error message.

Can't trigger action 'finishLogin' because your app hasn't finished transitioning into its first route. To trigger an action on destination routes during a transition, you can call .send()on theTransitionobject passed to themodel/beforeModel/afterModel hooks.

So I just rolled back to previous version we run v0.52.0-rc4 and I can login now.

Any ideas what it can be? When will the v0.55.0 be released approx.?

Already fixed in master,

@vincent thanks! is it safe now to upgrade to v0.56.0-rc1 for this particular issue?
see related question Which releases should I use when in Beta? they are all RC now

Based on when the merge was completed, I believe the fix is in v0.56.0-rc1.

It is in there, but I wouldn’t suggest upgrading…

In general because we only do release->release testing, not RC -> RC or RC -> release. And specifically because the IPSec software is being swapped out this release, upgrade from 51 is definitely broken in the last RC, and fixing that brokenness may not be supported in the next one.

@vincent thank you, it is clear now.
Since we now are at v0.52.0-rc4 what do you advise me to do? Downgrade to v0.51.0 …i guess that is not supported…
Should i start from a fresh new install with v0.51.0
Or if the new release is near…wait with a fresh server reinstall with the new stable release and new ipsec implementation?

0.52 would be before the IPSec work started, so it “should” be ok to upgrade to the next non-RC release.