GitHub Repo with too many branches - free entry in Stratos possible?

To try out the sandbox I thought about deploying a RocketChat instance (won’t work because of the missing manifest.yaml), but even before I couldn’t select the branch I wanted because the drop-down is too short.

Repo: RocketChat/Rocket.Chat
branch: ideally something like release-3.1.3 or newer is available or filterable - if not at least sort the branches by activity date descending, then probably the main branch would be selectable.

Hey @peterw,
What browser are you using? When I look at the branches shown to me, I get all the branches that I would expect when I scroll the box that pops up.

Thank you,
Andrew Gracey

Wait, never mind. I see what you are talking about. If you can, please open a ticket at !

This is a known issue.