Global load balancing to dynamic with aliases?

Rancher: 1.1.4
Docker: 1.10.3

Hey! I’ve been struggling to find a working example for the following situation:

        service1:  service1.stack1.domain
        service2:  service2.stack1.domain
        service3:  service3.stack1.domain, alias1.stack1.domain, alias2.stack1.domain
        service1:  service1.stack2.domain
        service2:  service2.stack2.domain
        service3:  service3.stack2.domain, alias1.stack2.domain

The stacks will not have a common naming format, and be brought up either by Jenkins or directly by developers using rancher-compose.

I’m using jwilder/nginx-proxy locally for single stacks and it’s working fine, though it’s having problems routing to the individual services when I tried it on rancher, and I think it’s because they’re on different networks (the stacks appear to be managed and nginx-proxy was running on the host).

I also looked at traefik, though it didn’t seem to support service aliases.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?