Health check - not totally clear on meaning of unhealthy/healthy threshold

When setting up a Health Check on a service, I am presented with options for healthy threshold and unhealthy threshold. What are those for?

Also, is there a delay before the checks start? Because let’s say I am starting a Tomcat container, it may take a few seconds for the HTTP requests to be processed while the webapp loads. I don’t want the container to be infinitely restarted because it’s starting up!

Healthy threshold: The number of successful check responses before a (currently marked unhealthy) container is considered healthy again

Unhealthy threshold: Vice-versa… The number of failed check responses before a (currently marked healthy) container is considered unhealthy.

When a container starts the health check goes to ‘initializing’ state until it becomes healthy, it won’t flap like that.

Thank you. That totally clarifies it.