Helm cannot connect to Tiller

I’ve been trying to get Helm working. On the web interface under the CLI helm works fine, however, when I try to connect from my desktop it doesn’t work.

  • kubectl is set up, configured, and connects to the k8s server
  • I’ve run helm init

whenever I run helm version I get this:

Client: &version.Version{SemVer:"v2.8.1", GitCommit:"6af75a8fd72e2aa18a2b278cfe5c7a1c5feca7f2", GitTreeState:"clean"}
E0302 16:44:53.330079   58537 portforward.go:271] error creating error stream for port 56143 -> 44134: Timeout occured
Error: cannot connect to Tiller

As a note, when I look in the Tiller logs, I see no requests being logged at all, making me think there’s some sort of port issue to rancher-server.

Any suggestions would be great!


I’ve been trying to get helm to work too, facing the same problem. It’s not particular to helm alone but also when trying to access or view logs using kubectl. I believe it’s related to the issue that I created bouncing no route to host which I believe to be the root of this. I haven’t had any reply to my issue yet so still confronted with this.

Kind regards,

Eric V.