Helm chart for gtilab-runner can't set privileged

Hey Guys, how are you today?

i’m facing an issue in order to run a dind container in my gitlab runner.

I’ve installed gitlab via helm, so far so good, but when tries to change the paramater --privileged to true, i’m getting the following error:

helm upgrade --namespace gitlab -f runner-value.yaml gitlab gitlab/gitlab-runner

Error: UPGRADE FAILED: cannot patch “gitlab-gitlab-runner” with kind Deployment: Deployment.apps “gitlab-gitlab-runner” is invalid: spec.template.spec.containers[0].securityContext: Invalid value: core.SecurityContext{Capabilities:(*core.Capabilities)(0xc01ecf87b0), Privileged:(*bool)(0xc02d141700), SELinuxOptions:(*core.SELinuxOptions)(nil), WindowsOptions:(*core.WindowsSecurityContextOptions)(nil), RunAsUser:(*int64)(nil), RunAsGroup:(*int64)(nil), RunAsNonRoot:(*bool)(nil), ReadOnlyRootFilesystem:(*bool)(0xc02d141701), AllowPrivilegeEscalation:(*bool)(0xc02d141702), ProcMount:(*core.ProcMountType)(nil), SeccompProfile:(*core.SeccompProfile)(nil)}: cannot set allowPrivilegeEscalation to false and privileged to true

Does anyone konw why that could happens? Any help is really appreciated!!

Thanks in advance.