Help is required for cluster yaml file

We are creating HA rancher our environment with oracle linux . 3nodes with etcd , controller role and 4 nodes with worker role.
Our application is internal purpose , without public IP configuration is it possible to create yaml file?
If anyone have sample yaml file for us to help ?

To clarify - Rancher HA runs in it’s own K8s cluster, with 3 nodes (with all roles). Nothing is to run in this cluster except Rancher and its services.

Then you can use Rancher to provision another cluster or clusters that will be your workload cluster. These clusters are managed with Rancher.

The easiest way to get started with Rancher HA is to follow the docs exactly. It will get you up and running. There is an example cluster yaml file in the docs.

Hi jpeak
Thanks for your reply
We are following that doc only!! in that doc they are mentioning public and private ip
is this yaml will work without public ip
one more thing we are using oracle linux, we have download rke “” and rename folder we are getting below error too
“-bash: /usr/local/bin/rke: cannot execute binary file”

For an on-prem deployment, you can skip the “internal_address” field in the RKE yaml file. It is not needed in this case. So an example RKE would look like

  - address:
    user: rancher
    role: [controlplane,worker,etcd]
  - address:
    user: rancher
    role: [controlplane,worker,etcd]
  - address:
    user: rancher
    role: [controlplane,worker,etcd]

snapshot: true
creation: 6h
retention: 24h

as for the rke binary execution error, I am not familiar with that issue. I did have the same trouble running it locally on my Mac, with zsh shell. But have not seen the issue running from other Linux.

Hi Jpeake,

Thanks for your valuable input!! could you tell me what you have done in your local?
any specific version do you downloaded for RKE.