How do you re-register a server with SMT?

I have over 20 SLES 11 SP2 servers on System z that are registered with an SMT server, which I implemented this past summer. The activation code that these servers were registered with has expired and Novell has issued me a new code.

The following is the procedure that I’ve used for several years, prior to the implementation of an SMT server. I obtained this from an article I found on the Novell Knowledge Base.

  • Go into YaST | Software | Software Repositories and delete all of the SLES 11 repositories.
  • Exit from YaST.
  • Issue command: zypper removeservice nu_novell_com
  • Issue command: rm /etc/zypp/credentials.d/NCCcredentials
  • Issue command: rm /var/cache/SuseRegister/lastzmdconfig.cache
  • Get into YaST | Software | Online Update Configuration and launch the command-line browser to enter email address, server name, activation code, etc.

I’ve searched the Knowledge Base, as well as Google, and can’t find the answer. Several of the servers are in a DMZ and can’t access via the internet (the reason I implemented SMT).

What is the procedure to re-register all of these servers with Novell using my SMT server?

Hi x0500hl,

the procedure we’ve been using was completely different:

  • activate the new license code via online Customer Center
  • move all systems associated with the old license (the physical server plus virtual machines) to the new license

We had nothing to do on the servers themselves.

While this seemed to have worked quite nicely for some years, we’ve received calls from Novell this year as a single specific license, ordered three years ago under special order support from Novell, was marked “expired” in Novell’s internal database (our “license migration” from customer center was not reflected to that DB…). So YMMV.