How many people are interested in reviving the RSS feeds for TID's ?

Hi Folks,
How many of you are interested in reviving the RSS feeds for new (and perhaps even modified) TID’s ?
What are your thoughts on this ?

With regards to SUSE TID’s in general, what else is it that you are absolutely missing there and/or would like to see added/improved ?

Best regards

@HvdHeuvel sounds like a plan :slight_smile: +1 from me.

Hi @HvdHeuvel ,

For what it’s worth, I would also like the RSS feeds for the new or recently modified SUSE Support TID (Technical Information Documents) - - to be revived. Thanks for asking!

+1 for sure. I don’t know any way to stay up to date with those. Is there a non-RSS way atm?

hi Bynt,
Unfortunately there is nothing currently. we have a mailman server where you can subscribe for new patch update emails. I thought of trying to add it there too, but it seems a challenge. We are not trying to get a ‘new’ TID RSS feed (re-)instated. The more feedback we get this is a requirement will help :smiley: