How to manage catalog upgrade when sidekick need to be preserved?

Hi there,

I would like to upgrade the Gitlab catalog entry. It’s pretty easy because i just have to change the gitlab-ce image version tag in the service dock.

The problem is that the data sidekick, here to preserve configuration data between upgrades, need to be initialized with correct data on first install. So i also would like to update the docker image version tag on the data sidekick, to let new people installing this entry only depend on the last up-to-date docker image, but if I do so, upgrading the stack from atalog will replace the data sidekick with a new one based on the new version, and loosing my previous (and precious by the way) data.

entry0 : gitlab-8.5 with a data sidekick based on gitlab-8.5
if I update catalog entry to add a new version for both images :
entry1 : gitlab-8.10 with a data sidekick gitlab-8.10 => then catalog upgrade will blown up my config and data.
and if I only update the service version :
entry1 : gitlab-8.10 with a data sidekick gitlab-8.5 => there is a useless dependency, and perhaps a bad data init for new installers.

How can I manage this problem the good way ?

Thanks for your help !