How to resize btrfs filesystem?

I can see that I have space on the volume group, so as to extend the logical volume where root / filesystem is mounted.

I know that after extending the logical volume, the btrfs filesystem needs to be updated, or resized to the new size I have never extended this kind of filesystem.

Do you know what are the steps to do this?
After resizing the logical volume with lvextend
I think this command would make increase the filesystem:
btrfs filesystem resize SIZE /mnt

Hi mjonadab,

you are on the right path.

I have used BTRFS as the storage drive in a VM and when I resize the Disk for the VM, I then resize the BTRFS with this command;

btrfs filesystem resize max /srv/dev-disk-by-path-pci-0000-06-0b.0/

It is very quick for me.