How to roll out a Spring Boot-application

Given a very simple Spring-Boot Java-application (see:, I want to deploy this application on the developer sandbox.

It accepts the code, looks for a build pack, appears to work - but exits giving this error-message:

13:45:09.956: [STG.0] None of the buildpacks detected a compatible application
13:45:09.970: [STG.0] Exit status 222

How to deploy such an application then?

Hey Karsten,

For Java applications, you have to build the jarfile first then run it with the -p flag.

This would be:
mvn clean install

Followed by:
cf push mysample -p target/helloworld-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar --random-route

This is because we are using the community buildpacks and the community Java buildpack only runs the jarfile. I’m currently working on a set of custom minimalist buildpacks and the Maven one would do a maven build then run with Java.

Let me know if your app still doesn’t deploy after the build. And if your team already have a set of better buildpacks, feel free to use them! We do allow for custom buildpacks to be run.

This is in the Java sample in our getting started guide: