How to setup syslog with papertrail or loggly?

I’m currently trying to setup persistent logging via a 3rd party service.
I already tried to setup both papertrail and loggly via syslog, but both with no success.
In both cases, I went to the Project Logging view, selected udp syslog, as endpoint I tried and respectivly, entered my API auth token I received from the papertrail/loggly dashboard, set log severity to Debug, and flush interval to 10 seconds. Hitting the test button indicated that the request was send successfully and I also perceived some test log in the papertrail live console. So I saved the settings and waited for some logs from my pods, but there are no logs displayed in both dashboards. I also made sure that during the time of waiting the pods had some actual logs.

Is there anything I’m missing here?

Ranger version is 2.4.3.