Howto Isolate Stack

I’m using Cattle and having 3hosts.

I thought Stack will be insolate from each others

But from on the same host
I’m able to ping and connect from one stack to another.

It is any way to stop that ?

Remark #1: on any stack no port are binded to the host.

Any kind of potential solution will be appreciate.

Environments are isolated from each other but not stacks. All stacks in an environment have access to each other.

Thanks Denise for your answer

Anyway I found a way to isolate my container into the stack :wink:
such as an example
app running into managed network
while db running into host network with a scheduling of :

  • the host must have a service with the name value ${stack}/%{service_name}

so in that case only this app could communicate to this database :wink: