huddle with Updates, repositories,scc and login

i have two SLES 12 systems on which i tried to update the kernel because of dirty cow.
When doing e.g. a “zypper lu” or “zypper up”, i’m asked to enter a login and password to access the repositories !?!
I never saw that before. The username starts with “SCC_****” so i think it’s related to the suse customer center.
When installing the systems i registered them with a valid subscription code from our company. I didn’t configure automatic updates or like that
because the systems are just intended for internal use. So this is the first time i came across that.
I find just one system in our SCC. The other not. Can i find the passwords in the scc ?
Is it possible to start the registration from scratch on the system which does not appear in the scc ?
How can i do that ? I was looking around in yast but didn’t find a possibility.

Should i delete all repositories and re-enter them ?


Those are the mirror credentials (details available via SCC under the system details, mirror tab). They live down in /etc/zypp/credentials.d/.

You could use SUSEConect to deregister, remove repos and re-register and then use this also to add on products, check the --help option for all options available.

Hi Malcom,

how can i deregister ?

pc63422:~ # SUSEConnect --help
Usage: SUSEConnect [options]
Register SUSE Linux Enterprise installations with the SUSE Customer Center.
Registration allows access to software repositories including updates,
and allows online management of subscriptions and organizations

Manage subscriptions at

-p, --product [PRODUCT]  Activate PRODUCT. Defaults to the base SUSE Linux
                           Enterprise product on this system.
                           Product identifiers can be obtained with 'zypper products'
                           Format: <internal name>/<version>/<architecture>
-r, --regcode [REGCODE]  Subscription registration code for the
                           product to be registered.
                           Relates that product to the specified subscription,
                           and enables software repositories for that product
    --instance-data  [path to file]
                         Path to the XML file holding the public key and instance data
                           for cloud registration with SMT
-e, --email <email>      email address for product registration
    --url [URL]          URL of registration server (e.g.
                           Implies --write-config so that subsequent invocations use the same registration server.
-s, --status             get current system registration status in json format
    --status-text        get current system registration status in text format
    --write-config       write options to config file at /etc/SUSEConnect

Common options:
–root [PATH] Path to the root folder, uses the same parameter for zypper.
–version print program version
–debug provide debug output
-h, --help show this message


Shall i delete all entries in /etc/zypp/credentials.d and /etc/zypp/repos.d and the re-register ?


[QUOTE=berndgsflinux;35235]Shall i delete all entries in /etc/zypp/credentials.d and /etc/zypp/repos.d and the re-register ?

Must be the version of SUSEConnect on SP0?

I would use YaST or zypper to delete the repositories, then login to SCC and de-register the system, then Use YaST or SUSEConnect to register, it should just overwrite the credentials, bu maybe after you de-register, delete the file in /etc/zypp/credentials.d.

The initial registration was at SCC or was it at the Microfocus (Novell) Customer Center?

it went fine. I deleted everything under /etc/zypp/credentials.d|repos.d|services.d
Then registered with SUSEConnect and our subscription code. The directories have been refilled again.
I get patches and updates and perform now a SP upgrade.
I can’t remember where the initial registration took place.