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to whom it may concern …


you will be informed about a big problem about the ideas portal. A
solution is anounced but this is more than a year ago.

Is it such a afford to make a main page for this portal?

In each webinar, training or samething you underline how precious is the
contact to the customers and partners and there input. But it is a mess
to find the right room in the ideas portal …


I see you’re using the NNTP interface. If you go to the web interface and
click on the IDEAS tab you can see the various ideas portal links. Since the
merger with HPE Software the company is still in the process of consolidating a
number of things like Ideas portals, community forums, blogs, and all kinds of
other internal and external system.

One that you may be interested in is here:

Kim - 4/11/2018 9:37:24 AM