Import compose and rancher YML via API/UI

Very excited about this feature. Just wondering when it might be out in a release?

I was told by our engineer that this feature will be in v0.40 which is scheduled to be released October 5 (possibly the 2nd). I recommend putting a “watch” in announcements to keep up to date on all of the Rancher releases.

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Thanks very much @RancherDave. v0.39.0 didn’t have any new features (or perhaps just missing content) Rancher Release - v0.39.0. Looking forward to this one!

I thought it was already added in 39, but not sure. But it’s definitely in this week.

0.39 was simply some bad bug fixes we wanted to ship without delaying it for some of the features we are shipping for 0.40.0.

My mistake, I am seeing this in v0.39.0 when creating a stack but there isn’t an import function for an existing stack to add/change services.

Yeah, the only thing currently (including next release) supported is importing when creating a new stack.

How exactly do I do it? What is the process for doing the equivalent of rancher-compose -p <project> -f <file.yml> create via the API?

Environment create with name (-p), dockerCompose (contents of -f), rancherCompose, startOnCreate: false, and maybe enviroment for any environment variable substitutions.

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