INstalling Suse Linux Enterprise Server 9

I have downloaded the six cd’s to load the evaluation version of Suse Linux Enterprise Server 9. After two disks loaded on the machine I had a log which said things such as backup, ldap client and some other options did not load. I a teaching a Security+ class and they have chosen the Suse linux platform for showing linux backups. I am a novice on Linux and am trying to get some simple commands from YAST to load such as backup, securing a partition etc. Don’t have an installation guide that would tell me why the last four cdroms were not called for. The first two cd’s as i stated earlier were the only disks that loaded. As this is a training class it is a sales point to for my class to see how Suse linux works.

Doyle NIx

Before going too far into this, is there a reason you aren’t starting with
SLES 11 SP2? SLES 9 is REALLY old and while it was great, SLES 10 an SLES
11 are so much better, and all of them can be used in trial form the same
way. The benefit of newer code, though, is that it gives students skills
with something current that they can take into the market today… vs. ten
years ago.

Good luck.

Yes, for sure :slight_smile: Also if CD’s are needed for the hardware, then I would
suggest a visit to and you could roll your own
customized version?

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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