Internal service API call between service

I set up a Mesos environment with three nodes. I have two service as following

service1 run internal 8080 with three containers.
service2 run internal 8080 with three containers.

Now service 1/2 have not public IP.
I plan to us LB expose public IP to service 1, so service 1 is public outside container.
service1 will call service2 internal. I believe that rancher handle service register and discovery.

Now my question that how I can access service2 by using URL like
http://service2:8080/cust. from service1.

Docker swarm provide mesh net concept, so the URL form automatically supported.

For rancher Mesos, do I need to declare link (like doker-composer) when I create service1? http://service2:8080 will do round robin to three containers?