Issue with registering custom aws host

seeing following error in logs.

I0503 22:49:19.395980 18850 mount_linux.go:196] Detected OS without systemd
W0503 22:49:19.396164 18850 cni.go:171] Unable to update cni config: No networks found in /etc/cni/net.d
I0503 22:49:19.399496 18850 server.go:376] Version: v1.10.1
I0503 22:49:19.399532 18850 feature_gate.go:226] feature gates: &{{} map[MountPropagation:false]}
I0503 22:49:19.399684 18850 aws.go:1026] Building AWS cloudprovider
I0503 22:49:19.399773 18850 aws.go:988] Zone not specified in configuration file; querying AWS metadata service
F0503 22:49:19.402206 18850 server.go:233] failed to run Kubelet: could not init cloud provider “aws”: error finding instance i-0a44d84b17829a286: “error listing AWS instances: “NoCredentialProviders: no valid providers in chain. Deprecated.\n\tFor verbose messaging see aws.Config.CredentialsChainVerboseErrors””

oh, some of port required was blocking… RTFM.
I was able to bring up aws custom cluster through UI,

thanks for awesome job guys.