K8s UI with RKE

How do we add on https://kubernetes.io/docs/tasks/access-application-cluster/web-ui-dashboard/#deploying-the-dashboard-ui to RKE?

I’ve created https://github.com/flaccid/rke-vagrant to stand up RKE in a single virtualbox machine.

Next, I’d like to add on the official UI/frontend and validate it.

You literally linked to the instructions to deploy the dashboard… so run the command they say?

Or download the manifest in the command and add it as an add-on in the rke config.

$ kubectl create -f https://raw.githubusercontent.com/kubernetes/dashboard/master/src/deploy/recommended/kubernetes-dashboard.yaml

kubectl: command not found

Added a provisioner to install kubectl, https://github.com/flaccid/rke-vagrant/blob/master/scripts/kubectl-install.sh.

Provisioner added to install the dashboard, https://github.com/flaccid/rke-vagrant/blob/master/scripts/dashboard-install.sh - but what is the right practice to expose and access it?

Raised https://github.com/rancher/rke/issues/101