ksh script erroring with "more tokens expected"

[B]I have a ksh script that works fine on SLES 9.3, 10.3 but is hanging when I attempt to run it on 11.3.
When I kill the process from another session I am seeing the following in the session that was running the script which seems to be pointing me to the function call to the function AddResolution where it is saying “more tokens expected”

Here’s what I am seeing in the putty session after I kill the process running the script:[/B]
/usr/cicjis/tools/shTranIdDoit[3624]: GetResolution[2220]: AddResolution[2249]: let: ErrorNoteOid=: more tokens expected

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I’ve been beating my head on this one all morning and half the afternoon yesterday.

Here is the fragment of the script that I believe is giving me the problem::confused:
function AddResolution
{ …

let ErrorNoteOid=$(AddErrorNote $TranId $MaxLineNo “$fLine”) <— This appears to be where it is


function AddErrorNote
print “Inside AddErrorNote”



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