L7 service router w/ targets to services in other stacks

I have a use case where a central router will reverse proxy all public entry points (effectively web apps) to their respective services within the applicable stacks. For example:

Default stack: site-router (lb service)

  • foo.com -> foo stack/foo-web service
  • bar.com -> bar stack/bar-web service

Currently an LB service can only target services within the same stack. We want to keep stacks to contain only the services that are pertinent to them but we cannot share public/host port 80 across stacks. The workaround is to only use the Default stack but this isn’t desirable.

Would love a solution here and if there is a better method, very open to it.

Next release will allow service links (/balancer targets) across stacks.

@vincent. Wow, you just made my Friday, thank you!

@flaccid v0.30.0 allows cross stack L7 load balancing.