Libvirt images for OpenSUSE 13.2, Tumbleweed and SLE12

I went through the exercise of using the 13.1 extras example in Kiwi to create Vagrant boxes for libvirt for 13.2, Tumbleweed and SLE12. Are these available in OBS? Can/should I contribute these? I am using these boxes for Ceph development.


I’m not sure why you asked in this forum as your questions don’t seem related to SUSE OpenStack Cloud - am I missing something? This forum is for SUSE OpenStack Cloud customers and prospective customers.

I expect there are already some Vagrant boxes in OBS, but I’m not sure which ones. That would be a question for the OBS and/or kiwi communities. may be useful.

Internally within SUSE, the Cloud team has some Vagrant boxes for SUSE Cloud 4, and will be soon building new ones for Cloud 5. The sources for these boxes are available via But for various reasons, these have to be built in the IBS, so it wouldn’t make sense to give further details in this public forum.

I will try the other communities. To answer the question of why I posted
here, I found this in the suse-cloud-vagrant/kiwi/

If you want to build the boxes yourself, it is strongly recommended
that you
contact us
for help first, otherwise there is a risk you will waste a lot of your
own time.


Ah OK, well that’s different then. You had previously said you were “using the 13.1 extras example in Kiwi” - and didn’t mention anything about using the repo. The build process for those boxes is very complicated and relies on IBS. If you want to know more then contact me directly on email / IRC.