Load balancer and sysctl tuning

I want to use rancher load balancer as my endpoints, but can’t tune some needed values in sysctl, like somaxconn inside container with balancer,
is there is a way to do it, or it’s useless for me?
Currently i’m running nginx as balancer, and it serves about 5000 rps without probs with tuned sysctl, and much less without tuning. So i suggest the same behaviour with rancher load balancer.

We would take a PR for safe and generally-applicable tweaks to the config of haproxy or the agent-instance image for performance.

Edit: But sysctl tweaks are really host-level so you should change them there and schedule balancers to hosts that are tuned how you want. It’s not really appropriate for us to tweak those sorts of things from the balancer container on whatever host it happens to get scheduled to (and it would require --privileged).