Longhorn Production Use


Basically raising the same question as in Longhorn stability and production use. Just 3 years later.

Also, how does it works in comparison with Rook(ceph)? Haven’t done my own tests yet, but from what I can find online Loghorn is supreme both in speed and usability?

From my personal point of view, Longhorn makes sense especially if you use VMs. There it definitely has its advantages. Ceph/Rook is better on bare metal because it needs access to physical disks. Of course, you can also technically run it on VMs. But that makes absolutely no sense in production.

Of course, then the functions come into play. Erasure coding does not exist in Longhorn. 3 replicas (by default) can also be quite an overhead and cost factor.

It just depends on what you need. :slight_smile: